Dec 122017

I just got the Elm Creek practice schedule for the rest of the week and we have a time slot for Thursday at 2:45, the same as we just had. So our new schedule will be as follows.

Wednesday: Skate ski on the golf course. New skiers we will try to work on all the different techniques so we know what they are and when to use them. V2, V1, Open field, etc.. Varsity/JV skiers, longer ski with continuous double pole. Break it up into 2 sections. 15 minutes skate, 15 minutes double pole, then 15 minutes skate, 15 minutes double pole. Maybe do 3 sets if we have time.

Thursday: Classic at Elm Creek. New skiers continue to get comfortable, learn double pole kick. Returning skiers, take some video of striding and double pole kick. Continuous classic ski. Try to ski farther than Tuesday, count your laps. You will have to find a ride to Elm Creek same as last time, carpool with older skiers.

Friday: Skate ski at golf course. Shorter ski than Wednesday/Thursday, 50-60 minutes. Finish with games the last 30 minutes.

Dec 112017

I just got a phone call to confirm we have a practice slot at Elm Creek Tuesday 2:45-4:45. This will be our first classic ski day. We do not have busing to Elm Creek, but will have to carpool to get down there. Bring your skis and boots home with you and have your car packed so you can leave right after school and we can get down there as soon as possible. I will be at the wax room at 2:10 to open it if you need to grab stuff quickly before you leave for Elm Creek.  Julie will be down there with kick wax to put on and will help everyone get going.

The workout is as follows. Varsity skiers. 15-20 minute warm up, get comfortable again on classic skis, meet for some no pole striding drills. Then ski 15-20 minutes, followed by 10X1 minute intervals with approx 2 minutes active recovery. Start 5 of the intervals at the bottom of the donut to ensure a good climb in the 1 minute interval. The other 5 can be predominately double pole. Intensity is high for the intervals, 1500 pace. Cool down 30 minutes.

First year skiers meet for classic drills and learn to classic ski. Striding with and without poles, double pole, and double pole kick. Focus on weight transfer and gliding on a flat ski. Finish with a continuous ski in groups to get used to classic skiing.

Dec 112017

There is enough snow for rock skiing! We are trying to get a bus to ski at the golf course, if not we will ski on the athletic fields.

Dec 102017

Unfortunately our second meet of the year, which was supposed to be Tuesday at Theodore Wirth, has been cancelled due to lack of snow. Theodore Wirth, where we have conference and sections, has some snowmaking, but not enough to host a high school race at this time. I expect our next race the following week at Elm Creek, to happen as planned.

Dec 072017

Since the weather is not fully cooperating we have had to alter the practice schedule, mostly to running and hill bounding workouts. There is still not enough snow to ski on, although we only need 2-3 more inches, and the roads are to icy and unsafe for rollerskiing.  The big news is the MN Nordic Ski Opener at Elm Creek on Saturday. It is an all day event, 9am-4pm. It is free admission and will be the first opportunity for some of us to ski on snow! We plan on going as a team after core. Here is the plan for Thursday-Sunday.

Thursday: Easy recovery run 30-45 minutes, prep skate skis for Saturday

Friday: Go for a run 45-60 minutes, prep  skate skis for Saturday

Saturday: Core 8am at High School, go to the MN Nordic Ski opener at Elm Creek. Long ski for returning athletes. First year skiers get their bearings. Here is the link to their webpage Nordic Ski Opener

Sunday: If you have an Elm Creek pass, or just want to purchase a daily pass, go ski easy here on your own, 30-60 minutes. The more time on snow the better!